Shipping Policy

The time taken to ship a product ordered by Delux Optic Centre will vary from product to product.

Working days are all days EXCEPT for Sundays and Public Holidays. 

Please read our delivery timelines carefully before placing your orders:

Product Delivery time
Sunglasses, only frame, contaclens solution 3 to 5 working days
contact lenses 3 to 7 working days
Eyewear with power lenses 3 to 7 working days
All order outside India 7 to 15 working days


USA .500Gms.   Rs.1500/-
UK .500Gms.   Rs.1500/-
CANADA .500Gms.   Rs.1500/-
UAE .500Gms.   Rs.1100/-
AUSTRALIA/NZ .500Gms.   Rs.1500/-
OMAN .500Gms.   Rs.1100/-
QATAR .500Gms.   Rs.1100/-
SAUDI ARABIA .500Gms.   Rs.1500/-


  • Any other levies, taxes or duties enforce by the government would be charged extra if and as applicable.
  • Address correction charges of INR Rs.850/- will be applicable if more than one delivery attempt is made due to incorrect address.
  • Packages volumetric (L*W*H (IN CMS.)/5000) OR actual weight whichever is higher will be charged.
  • Phot ID compulsory for shipment from individual (two different photo id compulsory

****Please be noted there will be delay in clearance no complaint will be entertained for delays and any duty charges