Our Contact Lenses

Can I order contact lenses online?

Yes, you can buy contact lenses online. Visit : www.deluxopticcentre.com

Who can wear contact lenses?

Almost everyone can wear lenses. Whether you are short sighted or long sighted , young or old everyone can have wear some type of contact lenses. Do check with our optometrist whether which lens suits you.

How much do contact lenses cost?

The cost of contact lenses varies greatly depending on the type of contact lens it is, the brand and whether these are required for special correction problems like Astigmatism.

Is the prescription the same for both specs and contact lenses?

NO. A contact lens prescription is only 100% complete when the details of their fit are included. This means that although the powers may seem similar to your spectacle prescription, the powers alone are not sufficient when specifying a contact lens prescription. Additional parameters like lens type, diameter and base curve must also be included.

How can I tell if I have put them in the wrong eye?

Check the vision of each eye by covering alternate eyes with your hand. If the vision is unclear then try swapping the lenses and then recheck the vision.

How do I know when to change my Contact Lens?

Whenever you feel blur in vision, when you cannot bear the lens for a long time, or when you feel dryness with the lenses after some time of wear.

What are the recommendations to follow when using contact lenses?

The following are the broad DOs and DON’Ts when using contact lenses Do:

  • Get your eyes checked regularly.
  • Wash and dry your hands prior to handling lenses.
  • Clean, rinse and disinfect lenses after use (except daily disposable lenses, which should be discarded daily).
  • Air dry lens cases/storage cases and keep dry when not holding lenses.
  • Insert lenses before applying makeup.
  • Remove lenses before removing makeup.
  • Replace lens cases/storage cases every 3 months to prevent contamination build up.
  • Have spare lenses and solutions on hand.
  • Have an up-to-date pair of glasses available in case you need to remove your lenses.


  • Use tap water on the lenses.
  • Wet lenses with saliva.
  • Reuse disinfecting solution – always discard and replace with new solution each time lenses are stored.
  • Switch the type of solution you use except on the advice of your Eye Care Practitioner.